This was my entry for the 2007 NaNoWriMo. It clocked in at 8506 words, far short of the goal of 50,000. I'd like to perhaps continue or rewrite it, but that's not too likely to happen any time in the next little while, so enjoy what little is there, and encourage me to do better for this year's NaNoWriMo.

Story excerpt

The tense situation pained Katys. She preferred the quick, furious attack; just sitting here, on a mount, and staring back at the glowing eyes in the surrounding woods was getting to her. But so far, neither she, Aloz, nor the strange Malvik had made any overt, offensive move.

It was driving her mad.

“The guardians of these dark woods,” Malvik had said when they had first entered the clearing. “We will wait here, until they come for us. To continue further in the woods would be suicide.”

Katys, adventurous and brave, would rather that. But here they waited, staring back at the glowing eyes. She began to concentrate on a particular pair of eyes, a bit ahead and to her right. Watching them, she started feeling the night hours weighing upon her.

Abruptly, the glowing eyes burst from the surrounding forest. A myriad of dark creatures, black as the night, ran from the woods toward the mounted trio.

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