I’ve not written in a while on here…

It’s been far too long since I blogged here (or even on my stream of derp Tumblr account). I figure I should give a bit of accounting on what I’m up to lately, barring any real content.

On the project front, it’s been pretty silent but I’ve been working on two different games (well, a game and a visual novel, depending on how you slice your toast). This isn’t exactly new news, but there’s not been much mentioned about them.

Anyway, Painter Story is pretty generic, especially as far as original English language ones go – boy goes to school, girl magically appears in his life, boy learns about the importance of love and relationships, blah blah blah. To be fair, though, the original intention of PS is to serve as a learner project for me, get me comfortable with writing interactive fiction. I’ve got ideas for more original VNs, but I’d rather hold off on them until I’ve cut my teeth with this one.

It’s been slow going on Painter Story, though, and that’s mainly my fault as story designer and main writer. Originally, not much work had been put into developing the theme or plot of the story, and the first attempt at a draft was pretty much universally reviled. It took the summer and most of the fall so far to get things to a state where I felt comfortable with writing. But here we are now, with a better, more detailed (and complete!) storyline, and I intend to get to work on actually writing out the scenes this week.

The other project is UFO Panic!, an XNA remake of my old Alien Abduction game from the first TOJam. So far it’s been more or less a simple port from SDL.NET, which the original was built on, to XNA. However, I have plans for this as a sellable title, and the idea of going 3D is one that I’ve not dismissed.

UFO Panic! is a shooter, pretty much – you fly around shooting “tractor waves” at aliens to beam them up, and energy bolts at defending tanks before they can blow you out of the sky. Power-ups were part of the plan but never realized in the original versions. If you want to check it out, I’d advise not downloading it from the TOJam site, as that version is horribly buggy. Instead, I’ve put up a somewhat improved version on MediaFire, which while still full of problems, at least works.

Pulling it all together, I’ve also started work on the new version of coldacid.net and its new brand – coldacid development group (CDG). CDG is me and a couple of people I know, and it exists to design and develop entertainment and new media properties (not necessarily games, but also social web services, etc.). When I get back to working on Taskerrific, it’ll be under the CDG brand, also.

This isn’t the only stuff I’m working on right now, but much of the rest is personal, not professional improvement, and probably irrelevant to talk about here. I might post something about it on Tumblr if/when the DDoS attacks end and I can actually access it reliably again!

I should set up a weekly task to remind me to blog something, anything. It’s really been too long.

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