Radio Alarm Clock 0.11 now available, and shinier too

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That’s right, after over a year’s wait, a new version of Radio Alarm Clock. Technically, it’s actually version, as I found a serious flaw in 0.11 after tagging and building release packages, but before putting it online.  These things happen, though. So anyway, the new version is here. And what does it add?

  • Rebuilt user interface for Vista and Windows 7 users. The new UI makes use of Aero glass transparency, as well as providing sleep radio and snooze functions from the taskbar. For those who’d rather have the original look, that’s still provided too, although cleaner, and more in-line with the new look.
  • Separate radios for sleep and alarm. No longer are you forced to use the same playlist for both!
  • Updated options dialog.

Of course, for all this to happen, the requirements have gone up. Radio Alarm Clock requires that the .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile be installed on the computer if you’re using Windows, or Mono 2.8 if you’re using anything else. And there are still no alternative radios available, just the Windows Media Player radio.

Radio Alarm Clock comes in an installable MSI package, or a zip file for those who’d rather not use MSIs (or can’t). I’ve also provided a torrent for the MSI package, simply because I can.

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