Retiring as a blog

For a while now, this site has been mostly moribund, and certainly out of date. Thanks to Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other services, I haven’t really made much use of With my profile, there’s not that much left for this site to do. Well, there is one thing it can do – host my projects.

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Moving the site to a new location

So, you might notice that is now Do not be alarmed. I’m rearranging things to repurpose my coldacid handle, with a new site to come around in the near future – one that will not be just my personal stuff, but rather for doing contact programming, various projects, etc.

For now, the domain will lay fallow, passively redirecting people to, but in late July/early August, the new coldacid development site will appear, and I will start offering services through it. Meanwhile, I hope to get back on the blogging horse here, including posting stuff I was reticent to post when served as the professional and personal site for me.

By the way, anyone out there a decent vector artist and willing to turn some sketches into a proper, vectorized logo for free (or very, very cheap)? Let me know, thanks.

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A long, long weekend…

Sorry to everyone who expected a new post here either on Monday or today. I was away for the weekend, and didn't return home until this afternoon. Regular posting (or lack thereof :) will resume on Wednesday.

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Am I a pro blogger? All signs point to 'no'

I'm not a professional blogger. It would be nice, but with my plodding pace of posting (and the miserable income I get from ads — been on AdSense since 2007 and still haven't made even $10) it's not happening.

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Establishing a blogging regimen

Anyone who follows my blog knows how sporadic it is. Sometimes I can go a week (or more) without posting anything; other times, I might shoot off five posts, rapid-fire. Obviously, I need to set some kind of blogging regimen for myself, to ensure that I not only keep posting, but that I provide interesting content that'll keep you coming back for more.

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Zemanta: Great idea, poor execution

Update: This is not the article you're looking for. While my points were valid when I originally wrote the article, today, Zemanta provides a great service, which works well and continues to expand. If you want my opinion, I'd say use it!

You might have noticed recently, that I’ve been giving Zemanta a try. It’s a pretty interesting service, and when it works, it’s great! Unfortunately, at least for me it doesn’t tend to work.

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Zemanta? Looks nice, do I want to use it?

I recently heard of, and looked at Zemanta, a blog enhancement service with various features I can use via Live Writer, Drupal, or both. I’m considering making use of it, but before I actually do, I’d love to get opinions from those who do (or have) used it. What do you think of Zemanta?

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Finally, some content!

Wow, was November ever a hectic month for me. Between working on Toast IT and TIGC I didn't even make it to 10k words on my NaNoWriMo entry.

In the end, though, Toast IT is doing fine (in fact, probably the best it's been since I became club president). TIGC is unfortunately on hiatus now, due to organizational issues that I won't get into (as well as OMDC scheduling their own game development event at the same time as ours, which certainly didn't help).

And so, after three weeks without blog posts, I'm finally writing in here again. So it might actually be worthwhile to keep an eye out on the site again! Especially since I'll be posting my NaNoWriMo entry up here shortly. (EDIT: It's up.)

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Weekly updates suck, don't they?

For those of you who actually read this blog, my profuse apologies for my horrible lack of posting over the last month. While some of you might think it has to do with my novel for NaNoWriMo, the truth is that many things have been getting in the way. If it were just my NaNoWriMo entry, I'm sure that my wordcount would be much higher than it is right now.

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Working the Blogroll and adding FeedBurner support

I've done a bit of work on the site today, changing what feeds are aggregated for my blogroll (see the Syndicated block on the sidebar). I've also added the FeedBurner module to the site for tracking the main feed, blog feed, and the new articles feed. In the near future (perhaps tonight or tomorrow) I'll also put up the feed counters, although the numbers will be disappointingly low (at least to begin with).

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