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How would a PSP phone affect mobile gaming?

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The rumour mill has lately been talking about an Android-based PSP phone from Sony Ericsson. While the jury’s still out on whether this magical device is real or not, I’ve been thinking about what it means for phone-based games.

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GameDev.Net, soon available at your local bookstore

While it may sound strange to have a website on the shelves at the local Chapters or Barnes & Noble, the title is more or less true. That's because starting in January, many of the game development articles at GameDev.Net, plus a few new ones, will be showing up in book form, courtesy of Course PTR/Cengage Learning.

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Neat uses of the XNA Platformer starter kit?

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The latest version of XNA has been out for a little over a week now, and surely that's enough time for XNA fans to really start cranking things out with it. One of the neat new additions with XNA 3.0 is a starter kit, for building a platform game. (Remember the classic Sonic and Mario games? Fun times.)

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If your game isn't fun, you have a bug

Last night at the Toronto IGDA meeting, I got in a bit of a chat with a few other guys about playtesting to determine how fun a game is. I was bringing up a lot of usability testing examples involving Microsoft’s Usability Labs, and their methods of gauging user reaction to products. (While never having been there, I have read about how they do things, and it’s very sensible.)

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Is Ontario finally serious about game development?

I received an interesting e-mail this afternoon from the OMDC, the crown corporation which manages tax incentives and other programs for the entertainment industry in Ontario. They released a report today, titled Ontario 2012: Stimulating Growth in Ontario's Game Industry. From the report's cover letter:

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My old game designs, let me show you them.

I just did something I was meaning to do for a while, but hadn't gotten around to doing (until now). That is, put some old game designs of mine up on the site for people to read and enjoy.

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Releasing games Disney-style? Uh, no thanks.

Thank you Techdirt, for pointing out a recent column on Gamasutra in which "industry commentator Matt Matthews suggests" using artificial scarcity to increase download sales of games.

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Goings-on with the IGP

This evening, I headed downtown for a planning meeting for the Independent Games Project, an organization forming to provide game development experience for people hoping to break into industry. The guy behind the group, Matt Di Iorio, discussed his plans for how the organization would run, and we all contributed ideas for what would be the first project (or projects) developed by the IGP.

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The Zune is coming to Canada, and you can make games for it!

Dave Weller announced yesterday that a preview of XNA Game Studio 3.0 is out and about for people to play with. This CTP has all you need to start making games for Microsoft's Zune media player.

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The Rough Road For Independent Console Developers

I picked up off the wire this morning an interesting opinion piece by former Eidos president Keith Boesky. It's partially a rant, but one that I believe is right-on – risk mitigation by publishers is one of the biggest reasons (if not the biggest reason) for developer failure.

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