How would a PSP phone affect mobile gaming?

Image representing Sony Ericsson as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

The rumour mill has lately been talking about an Android-based PSP phone from Sony Ericsson. While the jury’s still out on whether this magical device is real or not, I’ve been thinking about what it means for phone-based games.

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MG Siegler, you owe the hungry an apology


Image by Getty Images via Daylife

I’m pissed off right now. MG Siegler, currently a writer over at well-known Web2.0 news site TechCrunch, has decided to use people who rely on food assistance as ammunition for a poorly researched and certainly misguided attack on Microsoft. And as someone who has had to rely on the services of food banks in the past just to have enough to eat, I am personally insulted by the gall and brazenness of MG’s attack.

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Will Microsoft bring out WMP 12 for Vista?

Screenshot of Windows Media Player 12 purported to be running on Windows Vista.

Image via Sizzled Core

If Microsoft doesn't, there's sure to be some folk who will. In fact, some people already are working on pulling the next version of Windows Media Player out of the public Windows 7 beta, and getting it to work with Vista.

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Wild ride of a night...

Well, this will teach me to trust the official Windows Vista help website. After running the Live Installer to bring myself up to the Live Writer and Live Photo Gallery wave 3 betas (and update Live Messenger to the latest, although that was unsuccessful), I had to restart my computer because Windows Update also decided to do its magic today. The machine restarts, I log in, and… “User profile cannot be loaded.”

Uh oh, what?

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When will Windows Photo Gallery support XMP in PNG and GIF images?

Extensible Metadata Platform

Image via Wikipedia

Windows Photo Gallery has great metadata support. It supports hierarchical tagging, makes it easy to rename and caption photos, and even allows for adjusting the date and time that a photo was taken. For all this, it rocks, especially if all you have are JPEG images.

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Games for Windows LIVE may be free for most users, but not for XNA developers

Microsoft's Games for Windows LIVE service used to cost money, but as Engadget reported back in July, it is now free.

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IE8 beta 2 is out, and still has broken rendering on my site

Yesterday, Microsoft released the latest beta of Internet Explorer 8, and this morning I installed it to see how it has improved since beta 1.

Well, I've not seen much in changes. The toolbar to the left of the tabs is a bit reorganized, and a few things are renamed (such as Activities, now called Accelerators), and there are now new Page and Safety drop-down menus. But again, much of this is simply rearranging.

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IE8 doesn't like my new design, but it's only in beta

I was taking a look at the new design of in IE8 beta 1, simply to find that it doesn't look right with the new rendering engine. Putting the browser into IE7 emulation mode, it comes out looking just fine, however, and I already knew that it works with Firefox 2 and 3. It's pretty interesting. Likely things will work just fine by the time IE8 final rolls out, especially given that the site (or at least the front page of it) is nearly perfect HTML and CSS (and the only validation errors wouldn't affect the rendering anyway).

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Vista Ultimate for free! Now I just need a computer that can run it...

As a big thank-you for attending the Toronto launch of Visual Studio 2008, I got in the mail today a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate as well as a CD containing a bunch of Live products (including a 90-day subscription for OneCare).

Now, I just need to get a new computer, one which can run a version of Windows newer than 2000.

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