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I’ve not written in a while on here…

It’s been far too long since I blogged here (or even on my stream of derp Tumblr account). I figure I should give a bit of accounting on what I’m up to lately, barring any real content.

On the project front, it’s been pretty silent but I’ve been working on two different games (well, a game and a visual novel, depending on how you slice your toast). This isn’t exactly new news, but there’s not been much mentioned about them.

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Where have I been these past few months?

It's been about three months since my last blog post here, although if you've been following me on Twitter, FriendFeed or Reddit, you'll know I haven't died or anything. To sum it all up, there were personal matters I had to deal with. And I'm still dealing with them.

Outside of my personal life, I'm still trying to get things done with Taskerrific. There are technical issues that have been quite jarring to work through (some of which are still in my way), but more importantly, there is a funding issue that needs to be resolved for Taskerrific's continued survival.

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