UFO Panic

I’ve not written in a while on here…

It’s been far too long since I blogged here (or even on my stream of derp Tumblr account). I figure I should give a bit of accounting on what I’m up to lately, barring any real content.

On the project front, it’s been pretty silent but I’ve been working on two different games (well, a game and a visual novel, depending on how you slice your toast). This isn’t exactly new news, but there’s not been much mentioned about them.

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The TOJam "Alien Abduction" is online.

The game that has since become UFO Panic! is finally available for download. The TOJam organizers have made my old Alien Abduction! game online on their site! It's certainly seen much improvement since then, although I'm going to hold off for a while as I await the update to XNA that I mentioned a little while ago.

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Death Cake Games is UFO Panicking!

People who've known me before the first TOJam back in May 2006 know that I created a game there called Alien Abduction. You'd go around, abducting aliens and blowing up their defensive goats-on-poles (don't ask). After a few minutes, if you weren't blown up first, the game would end with a count of how many aliens you had picked up.

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