Retiring as a blog

For a while now, this site has been mostly moribund, and certainly out of date. Thanks to Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other services, I haven’t really made much use of With my profile, there’s not that much left for this site to do. Well, there is one thing it can do – host my projects.

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Moving the site to a new location

So, you might notice that is now Do not be alarmed. I’m rearranging things to repurpose my coldacid handle, with a new site to come around in the near future – one that will not be just my personal stuff, but rather for doing contact programming, various projects, etc.

For now, the domain will lay fallow, passively redirecting people to, but in late July/early August, the new coldacid development site will appear, and I will start offering services through it. Meanwhile, I hope to get back on the blogging horse here, including posting stuff I was reticent to post when served as the professional and personal site for me.

By the way, anyone out there a decent vector artist and willing to turn some sketches into a proper, vectorized logo for free (or very, very cheap)? Let me know, thanks.

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Something every blogger should have in their bag of tricks: Zemanta

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...

Image by Zemanta via CrunchBase

For about a month and a half now, I’ve been using a service called Zemanta to help improve the quality of my blog posts. While I had a lot of complaints about the service back at the beginning, the team of developers responsible have been hard at work improving things, and providing a first rate blogging tool. There’s still research to be done and bug fixes to be run, but my old, somewhat negative comments about Zemanta are no longer valid.

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Site tweaking time again

Update: Poll's closed. I've changed the site over to the cleaner, alternate look, despite having almost no votes (for either).

If you’ve been reading this site since before this week, you may have noticed I’ve just rearranged both sidebars on the site. I’ve also made a couple changes regarding style in a few of the modules uses. And I have some other changes I’d like to make as well, one of which I’m leaving up to everyone.

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My site is way too cluttered...

There’s all sorts of things piled all over the place, and it’s getting to be a real eyesore. I’m considering yet another redesign, one that simplifies the layout and content. Any suggestions on designs I can follow that still allow me to pack in the same content (such as portfolio pieces, projects, my non-blog writings, etc.) without it being a mess like this?

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Zemanta: Great idea, poor execution

Update: This is not the article you're looking for. While my points were valid when I originally wrote the article, today, Zemanta provides a great service, which works well and continues to expand. If you want my opinion, I'd say use it!

You might have noticed recently, that I’ve been giving Zemanta a try. It’s a pretty interesting service, and when it works, it’s great! Unfortunately, at least for me it doesn’t tend to work.

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Microformat madness, and introducing Zemanta

I’ve been going through some of the older blog posts on the site, as well as some of the other pages here, with a purpose.

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Zemanta? Looks nice, do I want to use it?

I recently heard of, and looked at Zemanta, a blog enhancement service with various features I can use via Live Writer, Drupal, or both. I’m considering making use of it, but before I actually do, I’d love to get opinions from those who do (or have) used it. What do you think of Zemanta?

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IE8 beta 2 is out, and still has broken rendering on my site

Yesterday, Microsoft released the latest beta of Internet Explorer 8, and this morning I installed it to see how it has improved since beta 1.

Well, I've not seen much in changes. The toolbar to the left of the tabs is a bit reorganized, and a few things are renamed (such as Activities, now called Accelerators), and there are now new Page and Safety drop-down menus. But again, much of this is simply rearranging.

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